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Full personal training and consultancy in audio recording equipment and technique is now available throughout the UK.

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Radio still thrives, but silent films died out 90 years ago.  Why is this?  Because sound tells the story, while pictures show the context.

Getting the sound right is crucial to telling your story, and actually more important than the pictures.

You may have been recording for years, or you may be new to the field; you may have had a disappointing important recording; you may have great ideas, but be unsure how to make them happen; you may think it will work, but we can say for sure.

We can help.

Using years of hands-on experience, we can train you to make full broadcast quality and film quality recordings to make your work shine.

  • so ask us before you need to make an important recording
  • ask us when planning your film or project
  • ask us before buying or using new equipment
  • ask us before it’s gone horribly wrong.

You can’t always fix it in post!

Inquit’s personal training:

  • is discreet and confidential
  • is arranged just for you, at your convenience
  • we come to you
  • starts at £150/half-day, plus VAT

Call Nick Hayes on 020 3002 0111.

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