Boundary microphones

Audio Technica PRO42
A medium-price boundary mic, with a cardioid pattern. 

Phantom powered; built-in cable with XLR.


Beyer MPC66V
A well-performing boundary mic which doesn’t cost a vast fortune.
Recommended by one of our customers who swears by his. 

Available in black or white, fitted with XLR-M plug.


Audio Technica ATR4697
A boundary mic for recording groups of people, around a table or small room, with nice results.

(This mic was called ATR97; unfortunately now no longer available with an XLR plug retro-fitted because of probable electronics changes inside the unit this adaptation just doesn't work any more.)

£45 with 3.5mm jack plug

VEC CM1000
A microphone for recording conferences and meetings. 

Fitted with mini-jack plug for smaller recorders; several CM1000’s can be daisy-chained together to cover larger spaces. With 3.5mm mini-jack plug.



These are standard XLR microphone cables (XLRM to XLRF) which are available in three lengths:

1m   £10

2.5m   £12

4m   £17.00

Remember that a lavalier mic (lapel) will have a cable of 1m-1.5m already; a 1m cable is usually sufficient for most purposes.

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