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There is no easier way of transcribing audio material than sitting down at the keyboard and beginning to type. Sorry, but that's the way it is.

However it's better than writing by hand (which we used to do) and we all hate doing it.

Computer software will eventually be able to do it, but at present the software and hardware is simply not powerful enough to take account of the infinite variety of accent, language, gender and content that any audio material contains. Imagine the differences between the speech of a male Scottish shipyard worker, a female plumber from Portsmouth, and a Brummie taxi driver.

There are a number of software packages for you to transcribe your digital recordings as quickly and effectively as possible.

Express Scribe is a very popular free transcription program from Australia; you can also easily download Express Scribe from NCH Software.

Express Scribe for Windows can be used to load most common audio file formats; these include: 

          -  dct (encrypted dictation)

          -  Windows Media, VoiceIt (sri)

          -  RealAudio (ra and rm)

          -  Olympus, Lanier & Grundig (dss and ds2)

          -  Sony Recorder formats (msv, dvf)

          -  Philips Digital Recorder format

          -  Sanyo Digital Recorder format

          -  DSP TrueSpeech*, GSM 6.10,

          -  mp2, vox, PCM, uLaw,

          -  ALaw, ADPCM, CELP, SBC,

          -  ACT, APE, MPC, SHN, SPX.

          -  3GP, AVI, DIVX, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, WMV  and more. DSP TrueSpeech is not currently  supported on Vista.

Express Scribe for Mac OS X can be used to load wav, mp3, aiff and dct file formats.

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There are many other transcription programs which will work perfectly with our Infinity pedal; check this list of ones we know about.

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