About us

Inquit Audio was started in 2001 to demystify audio recording for people who need to record really well, but who are not sound recordists. 

We were the first British dealer to concentrate only on portable digital recording. It’s easy to make a bad recording, but almost as easy to make a good one.

Nick Hayes, Director of Inquit Audio, has been involved with speech recording and oral history since 1982. "I  bought my first Marantz recorder in 1982, and it still works (in 2005) - that’s why I first became a Marantz dealer. But no matter which brand you choose from our growing range, Inquit Audio is passionate about quality."

Fully experienced in the world of digital, as well as cassette, analogue formats and MiniDisc, we are expert at achieving value for money solutions for everyone needing to record high quality voice.

Good recordings last better, sound better, and give more options for how they can be used. We all have poor quality, noisy interviews from 1985 made on cheap cassettes that are stuck in a cupboard - you can hardly understand what anyone says and we don’t want any more!

Inquit Audio is a trading name of Inquit Publishing Ltd, a company founded in 1997.

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