Denon DN-F650R

The Denon DN-F650R is a highly versatile professional solid state recorder offering recording to and between SD/SDHC flash card and USB external drives. 

Designed to fulfill the most demanding playback and recording applications in AV installation, audio production, live sound, theatre and broadcast, the DN-F650R is a professionally specified up to date replacement for cassette, DAT, MD, CDR and commodity PC based systems currently fulfilling such roles. Balanced XLR analogue audio and AES/EBU digital I/Os are featured, as well as unbalanced analogue and SPDIP connectivity. Serial, parallel and contact closure remote control are supported, and the unit can be operated with DENON’s latest RC-F400S ‘Hot Start’ serial remote controller.

The OLED display and easy file search jog wheel enable simple front panel operation. A USB Keyboard input allows for simple file name editing. A variety of playback modes includes single, repeat, random, continuous and skip back play. Pitch control (between +20 and –40%), tempo lock, and a headphone out with volume control are also included. Cascade recording and file management capabilities between the SD / SDHC card and connected USB drive, and USB connectivity to PC enables file transfer.

* Recording to SD(HC) cards or various USB devices
* OLED display
* Balanced and unbalanced audio input / output
* Digital audio input / output as SPDIF and AES/EBU
* Serial (RS232) / Parallel Remote
* USB keyboard input for easy track naming
* ±20% Pitch Control, Tempo Lock
* 19 inch rack mountable, 1U size
* Supports WAV (PCM) and MP3 format
* Connecting to PC via USB
* Contact closure remote control
* Audio Marking during record & Mark search playback
* Skip Back Playback
* Audible Quick Search
* Various playback modes (Single/Continuous, Repeat, Random)
* Power On Auto Play
* Easy file search with Jog Wheel
* Headphones with Level Control

£570   Current availability 3-7 days

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