Record direct to iPhone / iPad

I've just come across a brand new input device for Apple iOS devices, iPhone or iPad: it's the iRig pre.

You plug your professional microphone into the iRig and the iRig plugs into the (analogue) headphone socket which has an extra fourth terminal for inputs. The iRig has variable gain and even offers swtchable phantom power from a PP9 battery. 


I spent about an hour testing it with Audio Technica's AT8010, PRO70 and AT4025 microphones and the results were very encouraging indeed. There was very little added noise or hiss, and the recordings reflected the different qualities of the microphones used. Maybe the files were not 100% as good as on a dedicated recorder, but they were jolly close.

And the really great thing is the iRig is less than £30!

Coming in the next few days - read more.

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