More new recorders

There are several new digital recorders with XLRs and phantom power coming along.

Hot on the heels of the iM2 iPhone microphone come two 'new' digital recorders also from Tascam.   

We have only recently got into Tascam, mostly because they didn't seem to have much that seemed 'right' for the voice recording community - until now. The DR100 has been improved to Mark II, and is followed by the DR40, also with XLRs but with a price around £200. We should be testing one soon but the omens are good - not the greatest recorder ever in the world, but almost certainly the best recorder at £200 by far.

There's a new Olympus with XLRs too - the LS100 is coming along in a few weeks. Olympus are excited by it - will Inquit be? Pricing is likely around the £375 mark - so is it twice as good as a DR40? Read it here second.

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