Other accessories

This charger and batteries will give you as much power as we can find for your location recording, especially with the PMD661.

The kit includes 4 x AA NiMH batteries each with 2500mAh capacity. The mAh (milliamp hours) figure shows how much power the batteries can hold, so if your device is using 1 amp (1000 milliamps) the batteries could power it for 2500 divided by 1000 = 2.5 hours. So as well as showing how long a particular device can be powered, the number is an absolute measure of their capacity. Some batteries on general sale are only 900 mAh, so these ones have 3x their capacity. Even if you don’t buy them from us, make sure you get at least 2500mAh batteries!

Added to this, the supplied mains charger can recharge in 90 minutes.

If you are ordering a PMD661, H4n or other small recorder - or already have one - this is the ideal rechargeable companion.


If you already have a charger get 4 x AA NiMH 2500mAh batteries for just £8

We keep three types -

Small table-top stand
adjustable height from about 6" to 9".
Solid but easy to carry, and able to take both 3/8” and 5/8” thread mic holders.  


Table stand with boom arm


Larger floor-standing stand
vertical pole around 21” high topped with an adjustable cantilevered arm. 



We have one device to record phone calls; none will work with cordless or mobile phones, but may work from the base unit of cordless phones:

Telephone line coupler, connecting analogue audio from phone socket (RJ11) direct to a PC sound card.

UK legislation on recording phone calls is unclear; you should tell the other party that calls are being recorded and how the recordings will be used. For non-UK territories, and If in any doubt, consult your legal adviser.


Transcribe your recordings on a PC using a foot pedal to control play, rewind and fast forward - just as you used to with cassettes!

It goes like this - install and fire up the software (free download required) and open your recording file; control the playback of the file on your PC with the foot pedal, play and stop, rewind and fast forward; type your transcript. It’s that easy.

The foot pedal plugs into a USB port on the PC; most flavours of Windows are supported, and there’s a Mac version too.

The final link in the digital workflow. Order yours today!

In stock and waiting for your order at £45 through our footpedals.net site

Or try our digital bundle of a USB headset and USB pedal for just £65. 
A comfortable and clear headset for your transcription sessions, the Spectra USB headset is light enough to wear all day and has its own built-in volume control so you don’t need to fiddle with the computer to hear that difficult passage.

Also foot control pedals for analogue transcription machines from Sony, Olympus, Sanyo etc, and five other types of headset at footpedals.net




We now also supply a range of hard cases - so strong you can drive your car over them and the contents will remain as good as new. 

See our ToughPro site.


These are standard XLR microphone cables (XLRM to XLRF) which are available in three lengths:

1m   £10

2.5m   £12

4m   £17.00

Remember that a lavalier mic (lapel) like the PRO70, AT803/831 will already have a hardwired cable of about 1m; a 1m XLR cable is usually sufficient for most uses, giving at least 2m in all.

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